OFFICE Tip 68: VIPs: Very Important Papers

There are companies that have created portable boxes that can easily contain all of your most important documents in one place. These are systems created by professional organizers to protect your VIPs (Very Important Papers.) The Get It Together Life in a Box is an easy way to keep your personal documents and information organized and comes with a guide and how-to pamphlet.

Consider what are the most important documents you would need in case of an emergency. These may include birth/death certificates, passports, Social Security cards, marriage certificates, wills, copies of your driver’s license, or other identification cards, inventory of properties and household goods, list of financial accounts and access numbers, legal documents such as grants/deeds, and anything else that applies to your business. Many people choose to keep these documents in fireproof box, safe deposit box, or safe as these documents can be difficult to replace.

What is the best solution for you? Take the time right now to protect your VIPs.

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