OFFICE Tip 55: Keep Regularly Used Items Handy

One way to save yourself time, money, and effort is to keep the items you use most regularly very close by. This could be as simple as a letter opener and stapler for processing incoming mail. In order to be able to keep your file system current you may want to have blank file folders, hanging files and tabs, and a label maker all within easy reach. offers a wide variety of office organizing solutions. I have a box on my desk that is very similar to the Space Saving Message Center box they offer in bamboo. Here’s the link: See what you can use to keep the items you use regularly within easy reach.

You can have some files pre-made for new clients complete with the paperwork that always needs to be filled out. It would save you lots of energy to have these already prepared. For example, if you are a real estate agent, having designated buyer and seller folders already assembled will save you time and energy when a new client calls you and is eager to hire you. These files may be electronic as more documents are only kept as computer files and paper forms are becoming more obsolete.

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