OFFICE Tip 40: Project Management

How do you manage multiple projects on your computer all at the same time? This is where being very organized is going to support you to do your best with each project. If each of your projects has similar components, then you are going to want to create folders for each of these parts regardless of whether you have electronic files to put in them right now. Having some type of basic infrastructure set up as each new project is started will allow you to quickly and easily store and then access the information you need per project.

I just learned about BOSCARD. The acronym stands for Background, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, and Deliverables. Now your specific type of project that you normally work on may not have all of these aspects, but consider each with your typical project in mind. What information do you need to gather to assess whether you want to take on this project? Can you meet your client’s objectives? Do you have a thorough understanding of the scope of the project? Assess what the constraints, assumptions, risks, and deliverables might be for you to complete this project successfully.

If you are collaborating with others, there are some wonderful interactive applications that will support you to track group projects. I was impressed with all the options available by Be sure to check them out!

The website integrates with Google applications to sync Gmail, calendar, and documents. Your computer can reference this app when you are in your office and by your phone when you are on the go. This may be an affordable solution for your small business to stay connected before you upgrade to cloud computing.

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