OFFICE Tip 32: Keeping Your Desktop Organized

Sometimes I get frustrated because every time I download something it gets saved to my computer desktop. If you don’t delete or save these in an intentional location, your desktop easily becomes cluttered. Did you know that your computer operates more efficiently if you save files in folders instead of on the desktop? That’s an excellent motivator for moving files from the desktop to the folders they belong.

If you are not going to access a file in the next month, remove it from your desktop because it is not a current priority. Having organized electronic files is just as important as having an organized paper filing system. It is very helpful if you use a similar naming system for both paper and electronic files.

I also auto-arrange my icons so that they are lined up along one side of the desktop which seems like less visual clutter. Be sure that your screen saver and desktop background are soothing to you and not a source of visual clutter as well.

One last tip for your computer desktop: emptying the Recycle Bin helps to keep your computer optimized and running more efficiently. It takes less than 10 seconds to empty the Recycle/ Trash Bin!

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