Santa Cruz Organizers

CarolCarol loves people. She enjoys assisting others to live full and meaningful lives. She knows through years of being a professional organizer that order makes an enormous positive difference in people’s lives providing peace, an open heart, relaxation, rejuvenation, maximum workability, and hope. She has a knack for working with people: creating ease, confidentiality and connection.

Everyone is different in their organizational needs and capacities so every home or office is a different challenge requiring systems designed specifically for a particular person and space.

Carol loves a good challenge and finds organizing extremely satisfying and fun. She believes that being invited into a home or office to do this work is an honor and privilege.

MeganMontero-7654 photo Megan's passion is helping people create balance in their homes and lives. After many years of teaching her Feng Shui clients the benefits of decluttering, and seeing the positive impact it had on their lives, she began offering Home Organization Coaching.

Megan helps people clear clutter and get organized using the KonMari Method. You decide what you want to keep based on what sparks joy for you, making letting go of what doesn’t a lot easier! The feeling of over-whelm is reduced and skills are learned to help you organize what you find most difficult. Megan’s background as a Healer helps her hold the non-judgmental and compassionate space needed to guide people through this transformative process.

Megan enjoys spending time in nature and living by the ocean in Santa Cruz, California.

triciaTricia loves to help people create order and beauty in their environment. She sees this as a means to improve daily life function, mental clarity and well-being. With this awareness, Tricia brings 110% of her effort to each job to create maximum, positive results for her clients. She supports her clients to have more freedom and availability to life by transforming their home environment.

Tricia lives with her husband and 2 1/2 yr old son in Santa Cruz, CA. In her free time she loves to be in nature and practice Yoga.

carlaA natural born organizer, Carla has a lighthearted, laser-focused approach for helping her clients create ease in their lives through clearing clutter and organizing their homes. In her years of organizing experience she has helped clients with move-in/move outs, garages, offices, and mounds of unused things taking up space.

Her huge heart and compassionate, nonjudgmental approach allows space for clients to feel supported and empowered in the process, while teaching them systems for reducing clutter on their own. 

If you find yourself too busy, too confused, too tired, or too stressed to deal with your clutter, let Carla help you gain some order and relief with organizational support.  She will be an objective, experienced ally who will help you create systems in your home and ease and peace in your mind.

Carla makes her home in Santa Cruz, CA enjoying the beauty of the redwoods and the ocean.