HOME TIP 68: Tidy the Craft Area in Your Home

Every house has some type of craft area. Even though I don’t have kids, I still like to have pastels, colored pens and pencils, and paints around for those moments of creative expression. If you have kids, I’m sure that your craft supplies are multiplied exponentially.

Separate baskets or containers for pens, pencils, paints, paper, glue, glitter, stickers and various other materials, allows for easy set-up and clean-up. Plastic tablecloths or shower curtains on both the table and the floor under the table allow anyone to unleash their full creativity and still have easy clean-up.

It’s important to also instill responsibility for cleaning up those creative ‘messes.’ A clean-up song and dance will help the clean-up process go more smoothly, and some kids even like to take out the trash or use the Dustbuster to vacuum up all the tiny bits scattered on the floor.

Crafts are fun and it’s important to have the materials separated into the different types of projects (knitting, clay, painting). Organization saves time and makes it more fun to express yourself creatively.

“You can only improve the results of a recurring system. You cannot improve the results of a one-time only eort.”

Every home needs an office. It doesn’t have to be an entire room devoted to a desk and computer. Some kitchens have a built-in office area that works great as the household ‘command center.’ Even choosing a table as a dedicated office area will work.

One definition of an office is “an area where actions and activities are accomplished.” Your home office area may be devoted to bill paying, whereas someone else may pay all of his or her bills online at work. Another home office might be the family command center where the phone, calendar, and bulletin board are located to manage the schedules of everyone in the house. Even having your basic office supplies all in one area allows you easy access to everything you would need to pay a bill, check your schedule, or write a card.

Have your office be a place where you can be productive and get things done. If your office is chaotic and cluttered, what type of concentration and productivity are possible in there?

Now is the time to organize your office. Ready? Get set. Go!

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