HOME TIP 63: Rotate Your Seasonal Clothes

Depending on the climate you live in, rotating your clothes in the Spring and Fall adds more storage space and more variety to your everyday wardrobe. It is pretty unlikely that you need to have access to both shorts and wool sweaters at the same time. Decide what can be put away for a few months to allow more space for the clothes you want to wear right now.

Store your wool sweaters, turtlenecks, hats and gloves together for use when you need them again. Plastic storage bins with lids that snap shut prevent moths, moisture and rodents from getting in and eating your clothes. The dresser drawers that you used to store these items in are now empty and ready to be filled with shorts, bathing suits and tank tops.

You can actually use the same storage bins all year round and just rotate what is stored in them. I am always amazed when I pull something out and am excited to see it again. I will also sometimes pull out an item and decide that I am not interested in wearing it anymore. Those go into to the donation bag right away. If you don’t love it or won’t wear it, get rid of it!

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