HOME TIP 62: Select Five Articles of Clothing You Haven’t Worn Recently

Let’s face it: most of us have clothes that we haven’t worn in a long time. In 10 minutes, you can try on at least five articles of clothing and decide whether you want to keep each one or give it away. I highly recommend that if you decide to keep something, even though you haven’t worn it in a long time, that you put it closer to the front of your closet where you can easily see it. Being reminded of some of our lesser worn clothing can actually be a fun way to bring it back into wardrobe circulation.

This organizing technique is important to instill in your children as well. Having a bag where anyone can put his or her own clothes that no longer fit or that they don’t want to wear anymore, saves time for both of you. Your children will only have clothes that fit them and that they like to choose from when they are dressing themselves. Then, you have less to put away or hang up for them.

Be sure to evaluate all the clothes that only get worn on special occasions. Do you really need to keep 12 suits when you no longer plan to go back to corporate work? Will four suits be enough for the next few years? Do you even need that many? Women’s shelters would be very grateful to receive professional clothes since the women at the shelters are usually applying for jobs or just starting their careers over again.

What about ties? How many ties does one man actually need to choose from? Even though a tie will always ‘fit,’ it may not be in style, it could be stained, or is just plain ugly. Just be sure you have permission to sort and donate someone else’s clothing!

No one needs to keep anything just because it was a gift. A gift is yours to keep and also yours to decide what you want to do with it. Give away anything that you no longer want to wear.

Keep a couple of the special occasion outfits for just that purpose: weddings, funerals, and holidays. A bridesmaid or prom dress that you won’t ever wear again, ever, can be donated. I have worn some of those as costumes!

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