HOME TIP 61: Sort Through Your Hanging Clothes

I love organized clothes hanging on a rack. I have my clothes by category, color and style. By separating the pants from the tops, it’s easy to assemble outfits depending on the weather and what you feel like expressing each day. If this arrangement appeals to you, read on for different ways to make it happen.

During this 10-Minute Tidy, just begin at one end of the hanging clothes bar and look at each item individually. Decide if it fits you and whether you love wearing it. If it doesn’t fit right now, I highly recommend giving it away. Once you are at that particular size again, you deserve new clothes. If you just can’t part with your old pair of jeans yet, consider putting them in a box. If you haven’t gone into the box in three months, give everything in the box away because now you realize that you never really missed those clothes anyway.

If there are clothes that you don’t like the color, feel or fit of, give those away too. You don’t have to keep the Christmas sweater your grandmother gave you just to wear next Christmas. Give that sweater away; put it in your donation bag immediately. Only keep the beautiful clothes you love to wear.

Once you have gone all the way across the hanging clothes rack while pulling out items to give away or box up, begin sorting your clothes into categories. Some people like to group clothes together as prearranged outfits, which does save time when getting dressed. I also assure you that if you have all the pants in one area and all the tops in another area, you will create more interesting outfit combinations.

Consider grouping all the short-sleeve shirts together, separate from the long-sleeve blouses, so that it’s easy to see what options you have depending on the weather. Hanging all the similar colored clothing together also helps you make faster outfit decisions on those mornings when you feel like you have “nothing to wear.”

Having kids learn to organize their hanging clothes by separating school clothes from holiday or church clothes also helps them to dress themselves more quickly and appropriately in the morning.

Enjoy opening the closet doors and seeing neatly organized hanging clothes!

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