HOME TIP 58: Create a Guest Supply Basket

What do you do with all those extra, travel size toiletries? As you go through each drawer, shelf and cabinet in your bathrooms, create one basket of supplies for your guests. This makes it very easy to put out the basket any time you have overnight guests. Store this basket under the sink or in a cabinet in your primary guest bathroom. A toothbrush and toothpaste are forgotten most often. Having a variety of new, individually packaged toothbrushes allows your guest to choose what type they prefer. A variety of trial size toothpastes are also fun to share.

My girlfriend with two teenagers has devised a toothbrush system for all their over-night guests. Here’s Gwendolyn’s system:

“ I keep extra, new toothbrushes for guests (we have many who arrive without them, usually under the age of 13) and I’ve learned that permanent marker doesn’t work well to mark on the actual toothbrush. I use a wide rubber band, like the ones that bind broccoli and asparagus, and we write their name on the rubber band. Then, they draw a symbol of their choice on the rubber band and wrap it around the handle with the symbol showing. I have a ‘guest toothbrush’ holder that is always full. It gives my kids and others’ no excuse not to brush, plus it’s fun for kids to find their toothbrush with the symbol they drew. Even 13 year olds get excited.”

Thank you Gwendolyn for being such a great mom!

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