HOME TIP 57: Sort and Organize the Cabinets Below the Sink

Under the bathroom sink may be one of the last areas you want to spend time, but it will feel great to have sorted, purged, and organized this area once you are done! If you need inspiration, The Container Store™, www.containerstore.com,has a whole category for storage under the sink. Seeing what your options are might help motivate you to tackle this project.

Once your new under-the-sink storage solutions have arrived, you can get on the floor and get ready to clear out that area. Throw out anything that looks discolored or smells bad. Some lotions will have expiration dates. Sort out the things that you want to keep vs. the things that belong somewhere else vs. the trash. Group like-items together: soaps, lotions, sunscreen, and cleaning supplies. Get everything out, all the way to the back of the cabinet and then wipe out the empty cabinet.

Looking at this fresh, clean open space, decide what needs to be accessed the most often (toilet paper) vs. the least often (extra bath products). Put back only the products that your family will use. And, be sure to leave room for a basket of guest supplies. (See Tip 58).

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