HOME TIP 55: Organize a Bathroom Shelf

It’s easy to keep the bathroom organized if you spend just 10 minutes at a time sorting the stuff in one area. Pick a small, specific area, like a shelf, and see how much you can clear off that you don’t need or use. Most bathroom products have an expiration date on them so you can begin by checking those dates. If anything smells funny when you open it, throw it out. You don’t want to put that in or on your body.

Any containers that can be recycled should be emptied and rinsed before they are recycled. Recycle as much as you can, from partial shampoo bottles to the paper boxes that toothpaste comes in.

Makeup should be thrown out if it has been open for more than six months. Mascara should be replaced after three months. There are great acrylic holders for different types of makeup. Only keep a realistic amount of lipstick that you will actually wear. Get a lipstick holder that keeps the tubes upright so that you can read the label on the bottom. Group lipsticks by color: reds, pinks, and corals so that your lipstick and outfit coordination is easy in the morning.

Store like-items together so that everyone can quickly find a particular product they are looking for. Keep lotions separate from shampoo or toothpaste. Only stock the products your family will use. Anything unwanted can be donated to a homeless shelter or women’s center.

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