HOME TIP 50: Have Quick and Easy Guest Bedding Ready

The more people in your home, the more likely you are to have overnight guests. My girlfriend Gwendolyn, with two teenagers, has devised a quick and easy solution for anyone staying over. She has already put together bedding sets for sleepovers that the kids can pull out themselves, and put away themselves.

You can use an old queen size feather bed folded in half that slides underneath a twin bed easily. Store the feather bed with a comforter already folded on top of it, plus a set of clean sheets and a pillowcase. The kids can set up the bed on their own, and then slide it back under the bed, putting the sheets by the washer in the morning. What a great, manageable idea!

For adult overnight guests, it’s also important to have sheets, blankets and extra pillows all stored together for a quick and easy guest bed. You may want to store these items together in the linen closet so that you can grab them all in one armload. You could also store them in a clear, plastic comforter bag so that the guest can easily repack the blankets and pillow for next time. Having overnight guests is fun and having their bedding easily accessible makes their stay even more enjoyable.

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