HOME TIP 49: The 10-Minute Room Rearranging Plan

It generally takes more than 10 minutes to re-arrange bedroom furniture, so this 10-Minute Tidy is just the visualizing and planning time. Bedrooms often get boring if the furniture is always kept in the same place for years. Every six months, reevaluate how each bedroom is arranged. Ask your children to be involved in the decision-making process for their rooms. If you are ready to change things around, you may want to measure furniture or sketch out the new floor plan.

Will the furniture be more balanced if certain heavy pieces, like the bed and dresser, are in different areas of the room? Can the dresser be relocated closer to the closet so that clothes are easier to access in the morning? Are certain pieces of furniture used infrequently and if so, could they be relocated elsewhere? For instance, you may want to add a desk in your child’s bedroom, so the small table and chair set might need to be relocated.

When you are ready to move the furniture around, take the opportunity to find what’s been “growing” underneath furniture: get rid of garbage, thoroughly vacuum the floors where the furniture was and dust the walls and baseboards.

Take ten minutes to look at each room with a fresh perspective and visualize how the room could be arranged differently. There are lots of possibilities!

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