HOME TIP 42: Strategies for Keeping Bedroom Floors Picked-Up

No one wants to be the ‘Bad Cop,’ but cluttered, littered bedroom floors aren’t just messy, they’re dangerous. No one wants to fall, trip or stumble during a midnight walk to the bathroom. Therefore, sometimes threats have to be made, even to the adults. A randomly kicked off slipper can be a stumbling block when your eyes are barely open. This has happened to me in the morning!

You could make the 10-Minute Tidy a nightly ritual for each member of your family. Have everyone pick up their rooms, as well as anything in all the common spaces throughout the house. Ten minutes of the same music at the same time each night would make sure that your home is tidied at least once every day as well as ensuring that there are no floor hazards lurking in the middle of the night.

Being a consistent role model by making your bed every morning and picking up the floors every night ensures both the safety and the support of everyone in the home. If everyone can keep their bedroom floors picked-up, there isn’t any reason why the rest of the house can’t be picked-up too!

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