HOME TIP 41: Water, Fertilize and Groom All Houseplants

This is a fun way to tidy because your plants will gratefully respond to your attention. Fill up your watering can, add fertilizer, grab the scissors and a trash bag and off you go!

Even though this is the Living Room chapter, start with the kitchen, since this is probably where most of your necessary tools are. Water, fertilize and groom all the plants in the kitchen. Be sure to cut off all the dead leaves and also notice which plants may need repotting. If any of your plants seem sick or infested with insects, take them outside or isolate them in a separate room so that you can treat them.

As you water and care for each plant, notice if it might do better being relocated. Does it need more sun or humidity? Perhaps there is a room in your home that doesn’t have any plants. What would grow best in that room? Are there any plants that are just about dead or dying? If so, throw them out, or compost them, so that you are surrounded by living, thriving houseplants. I am amazed at how quickly some plants immediately perk up after being watered. This inspires me to go around my home each week and give each plant a few seconds of attention.

“For each new morning with its light, for rest and shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything Thy goodness sends.”

The bedroom is our place of rest and renewal. This sacred sanctuary is a beautiful space for sharing our most intimate moments. This is the very last place that we want any clutter. Bedrooms deserve special attention for tidying because they accommodate both the morning rush and evening relaxation. It’s very important to keep this space clean and serene.

Enter your bedroom with ‘new’ eyes and look around…What clutter can be eliminated? How dusty or neglected does this space feel? Open up the windows and doors and have fresh breezes carry new energy into your bedroom. Once a season, strip off all the bedding and wash the dust ruffle, the mattress pad, the sheets, the duvet and the comforter. While everything is off the bed, flip the mattress over, too. This makes an amazing energetic difference!

You may want to wash or dry-clean the curtains, pillow shams and other decorative textiles you have in all of the bedrooms in your home. This is something you can have your kids help you with so that they learn to take pride in the cleaning of their bedroom as well.

I encourage you to spend a few moments tidying your bedroom everyday so that you can model made beds, clear floors, and spacious horizontal surfaces to your children. Ask them if they feel more relaxed in your bedroom or their own room. This can teach children to learn to read the energy of a room and realize the importance of having every bedroom as a sanctuary for rest and renewal.

Are you ready? Get set. Go tidy those bedrooms!

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