HOME TIP 40: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photos are a wonderful way to capture the precious moments with your friends and family. Sometimes families have framed photos on every tabletop or bookshelf in the living room. This can be nice, but hanging your photos encourages you to clear horizontal surfaces and better use the vertical space in a room. Take 10 minutes to evaluate how the pictures are displayed in the living room. Is there anything that you would change?

In order to create visual harmony rather than clutter, choose one wall or shelf to display photos. A group of similar frames of different sizes will draw the eye to this area without it being the most prominent feature in the room. Hallways also make a wonderful gallery for photos to serve as a ‘walk down memory lane’.

During this 10-Minute Tidy time, look at the pictures you have displayed objectively. If some of them are not as current, consider replacing the photos with newer ones and just reuse the frame. Pictures are wonderful snapshots of time and it is fun to have a variety of “captured moments” on display.

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