HOME TIP 33: Sort Through Your Cookbooks

How many cookbooks do you have? How many cookbooks do you actually use? Do you have more cookbooks than time or inspiration? Don’t be overwhelmed with too many options. Choose the cookbooks that you love, use, and enjoy referring to, and get rid of the rest.

Most homes have an all-in-one printer-copier-fax machine, so if you have some cookbooks that only have one or two favorite recipes in it, then photocopy those pages and donate the cookbook. Specialty cookbooks can be fun, but if the recipes take hours and are too complicated, then there is no reason to keep the cookbook, even if it was a gift. Someone else may love that really complicated Thai cookbook your friend gave you!

There are standard cookbooks to always keep as great references, such as The Joy of Cooking. The Internet is a great way to look up recipes anytime. Via the World Wide Web, you will find a million ways to cook chicken, rather than keeping 40 cookbooks that may repeat similar ways of preparing poultry. After sorting through all your cookbooks, donate unneccesary cookbooks and cooking magazines.

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