HOME TIP 32: Clean Out the Refrigerator and Make a Shopping List

The refrigerator is where everyone goes multiple times a day and yet food still gets lost in there. For this 10-Minute Tidy, decide if you are going to focus on the shelves, drawers or doors. If you take everything off of the shelves, only put back what is still fresh. List whatever you may want to replace and be sure to wipe off the shelves while they are empty. I love keeping a magnetic note pad on the side of the fridge. This way everyone can write what he or she used up or would like to purchase.

The door of the refrigerator is usually where all the condiments end up. Condiments have a longer shelf life than produce but even mustard will grow mold if left in the fridge too long. Check all of your condiments for separation or discoloration. You may want to empty and recycle the almost-empty bottles and jars and start fresh. If you have condiments that no one likes, either serve it at your next party or just get rid of it. Condiments are a few dollars per bottle and can easily be replaced with a flavor that everyone loves.

The produce, dairy products and lunchmeats that end up in the drawers of your fridge are probably accessed the most frequently and are items that need to be stocked up on most often. Make a shopping list of what you need while you take inventory of what you already have.

If you don’t clean out your refrigerator regularly, you may find some ‘science projects’ gone bad. Prevent this by taking inventory of your fridge every time you make a grocery list.

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