HOME TIP 29: Purchase or Install Extra Storage Options

Do you have enough storage space in your kitchen? There are many easy solutions to create additional storage space. First you need to decide what you need more room for. Have you sorted all of your cabinets and drawers and really evaluated whether or not you want to keep everything? If you have eliminated all the extras, then it’s time to get creative about what you want to do to expand your storage possibilities.

If you are wanting easy, inexpensive solutions, a “lazy susan” might just do the trick in those hard to reach cabinets. I recommend using a “lazy susan” for all your oils and vinegars so that you can see and grab whichever one works best for that meal. I also encourage my clients to either install spice racks on the wall or use a multi-tiered shelf in a cabinet close to the stove so that they can see the label of each spice bottle and easily reach it when cooking.

There are a variety of door racks that can be installed for extra pantry space. Just be sure that the door will support the additional weight, depending on if you are going to store tea or canned goods there. Pull-out shelves are great solutions for the deeper cabinets where the back items are either hard to see or out of reach.

If you would prefer to have someone else install additional kitchen storage space for you, there are many companies who specialize in this. Budget Closet™, Closet Factory™, California Closets™, Rev-A-Shelf¨, Shelf Conversions¨, and The Pull-Out Shelf Company¨ are just a few companies who install kitchen systems.

I highly recommend that you invest in the kitchen to make it easier to use and more enjoyable to be in. Everyone in your home uses the kitchen every day.

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